Posted by: jstorm1 | February 9, 2011

For all things…

In an email to my friend I said,

“My Dearest Ossian,

It has been my profound belief that everything happens for a reason and the reason behind everything is the will of God. I don’t mean to be sanctimonious, but as I continue down the path I see more and more of Him revealed to me and that some of the old truisms, albeit somewhat worn out, are very indeed true and their meaning becomes more and more rich with each passing moment. 

The reason that I mention the above is that I remembered when I started going back to school and had decided to try something outside of my wheelhouse…Graphic Communications. In doing so I learned some invaluable skills giving me the ability to work with photographs and using Photoshop, amongst other tools, to manipulate them. Something that I have become quite adept at doing. Of course, I decided that my first true love being computers would always be my true love, thus I returned to the logic. Little did I know how much I would use those skills that I had been taught in Graphics Communications and how they would make so many people happy. I have touched up my parent’s wedding photo, created an "Uncle John" mosaic for my nieces, drawn an image of my brother, created t-shirts from my designs, and utilized my skills to express myself somewhat artistically.

Now I am finding that those same skills are helping me in the current class that I’m in, or at least making it easier for me to manipulate all of these images. Still, I digress, the whole reason for all of this verbose non-sense is to tell you that I have taken a break from my studies and decided to work on a new project…one for you.

Attached you will find a picture that I think may have been left out of the photo shoot. You see, in all of the pictures there are none with all three of you together. Now there is. I hope you like it. I have already printed you a copy and may jaunt up to Staples and have a better one printed out, but I wanted you to have this in advance in case you wanted to send it to your parents. I’ll bring the printed copy with me next time I’m over.

And in these moments, we begin again and start creating our own; our new memories.

Love always,



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