Posted by: jstorm1 | January 9, 2011


WAH·teeny [wəh-tē-nē]

-adjective, adverb, noun

  1. The sound aborigine scream while hoping from one foot to the other and gyrating their spear up and down. Usually occurs when they see a white person.

  2. A non-vulgar, non-denominational, inoffensive, explicative used when no other words quite fit the situation and something needs to be said. (i.e. “You Wah-teeny!” or “Well, Wah-teeny!” or even “Wah-teeny me!”)
  3. Last name of the 1 millionth visitor to Beijing.
Origin:  2010-2010; Unknown, but believed to have occurred when an event of great importance occurred and everyone was speechless.


Actually, this is a gibberish word that I came up with last year. It honestly came out of the blue and I have no idea where or what it is suppose to mean, but when I get real tired I seem to say it a lot and  my nieces noticed and began saying it. Now, from what I hear, some of the children at their schools are also saying it. Soon it will probably become a word in the dictionary, similar to the word ‘Yo’, and I felt it should at least have a definition, or two, or three.

Also, since my nieces are spear-heading the propagation of the word I decided to use my Photoshop skills and create a graphic (above) and make them both t-shirts with the newly found word.

I know, first it was “reticulating splines” t-shirt, now it’s the “WAH-teeny” t-shirt. I must have a thing recently for creating off-the-wall t-shirts. LOL.

Anyway, I thought I would share some of my confusion with you, whom ever you may be, that happens upon my blog.


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