“Goal-orientated, computer systems analyst with fifteen years experience providing excellent customer service with a proven ability to function in a fast paced environment while consistently prioritizing projects to ensure their completion within a timely manner. A resourceful problem-solver with excellent organizational, analytical, and communication skills.”

…That’s the official story, but underneath all of the skill-sets lies a deeper mentality. One that is constantly searching and looking at things in different ways. Always looking for the truth, I believe myself to be (an albeit self-proclaimed) philosopher. Some of my heroes include Albert Einstein for some of his wonderful insights put so succinctly in many of the quotes you’ll probably see on my blog, Benjamin Franklin, many of his quotes are bare bone frugal, and sensibly organized (thus the Franklin Organizer), and my sister for keeping up with my two beautiful nieces and all of their activities, of which they excel and I am very proud of them.

So sit back, have a read, if you don’t agree with some of my insights by all means comment. I’m not so “enlightened” to not be enlighten to a new way of thinking or a facet that I hadn’t noticed before. But you had best be able to backup your argument, because I usually have put a great deal of thought behind what I say/post.





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