Posted by: jstorm1 | October 21, 2010

First Days

Tomorrow morning will be my first day as a peer-tutor for the Integrated Media & Technology department at my college. I have been excited about this since I was first notified that I was selected for the position, which I consider no small honor. It wouldn’t have been possible if not for one of my professors who seemed to take a shine to me in two of my programming classes. When the position submission required a referral from a faculty member he had no reservations about writing one for me. This referral was only one page long, but was succinct and was a long list of glowing remarks about me and how I always tried to help my fellow students and had a very good grasp of the course materials. To him I give my gratitude.

Still, I am having the night before jitters and probably have been over preparing for tomorrow, but that is what first days are like. First days of starting a new job, a new course in life, a new relationship, or even a new blog (which this is actually my first blog ever.) Even if this blog is never read, it still feels good to put some of my life down into text.

So, for tonight, I will try to sleep and perchance to dream.

Posted by: jstorm1 | October 21, 2010

Accounting Exam 01

When I walked into my accounting class early the instructor didn’t seem too pleased about the test results of the class. He immediately asked my name and looked up my grade and said, “Oh, you didn’t do too bad.”, but then did not tell me my score. So I had to sit for a grueling 30 minutes to wait to find out what my score on the test would be. It turns out that I scored a 192/200 points for the test. One of the other students upon examining their test noticed an error in the scoring and I received another 10 points which took me up to 202/200 for the first accounting exam. I felt that I had done well on the test, but not that good. So it was a pleasant surprise.

Posted by: jstorm1 | October 13, 2010

Accounting 106’s first Exam

Today’s class I find out how I did on my first accounting exam. Although I feel confident in doing well, I have been known to have been wrong before. In just a few short hours I suppose I will know one way or another. Although I’m very much an analytical being and find mathematics to be no major problem for me, accountings nomenclature and somewhat counter-intuitive reasoning has given me pause. But hopefully this attempt at this course will be successful. I actually believe I’m starting to understand more about the accounting process. Wish me luck. Winking smile


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