Posted by: jstorm1 | December 9, 2010

Statistically speaking…

3:45am, my day started unexpectedly. I had only drifted off to sleep two and half hours ago. I shouldn’t be up already, but I was. So I turned on the coffee and awaited it’s cycle to complete. Then it was into my office and into the melee which was me against my statistics book, statistics homework, lab work, notes, handouts, and practice final.

6:10am, I feel confident in my studies and have twenty minutes before I have to start my morning startup sequence before going to school. At this point my blood to caffeine ratio was more on the caffeine side. I decided to go through all of my jeans to find the ones I could no longer wear and pack them in a bag for a friend.

7:01am I’m cleaned, dressed and ready to walk out the door. My mother stops me and wants to give me a Christmas gift early. It’s a  nice zip-up hoodie from my favorite outlet store, Aeropostle. I quickly take off the pull over hoodie and don the new layer and put my coat back on.

7:27am, I’ve arrived at the parking garage at school. I take my time walking to class making sure that I recite some of the theorems that we may need to know for the final.

7:47am, I arrive to a sparsely populated classroom. I start drilling some of the other students on the theorems and some of the problems on the practice final.

7:58am, the professor comes into the classroom. We were allotted an hour and fifty minutes to complete the final. Midway through that time my bladder decides to alert me that all of the coffee that I’ve consumed that morning ‘must’ come out. I get permission from the professor and literally dash to the bathroom only to find that it was being cleaned at the time. I implored the attendant to allow me access and he obliged, albeit reluctantly. A mad dash back and I ended up finishing only ten minutes before the time expired.

8:15pm, I check online for my grade for the course. To my surprise I achieved an ‘A’ for the course.

And all of this after almost dropping the course on the last day possible to drop a course because I had gotten so behind. So much so that I actually had a stress-anxiety dream about the final. I suppose if I had not had the dream I would have not worked so diligently to catch up and study so hard. So here’s to stress-anxiety dreams! They do, after all, have a purpose.


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