Posted by: jstorm1 | December 8, 2010


If you have taken even the most rudimentary course in accounting then you recognize the formula above. Today I took my final in my accounting 106 course and am very relieved. The instructor gave me my preliminary point total before the final and told me that I only needed to make about 128 out of the 200 points possible on the final in order to make an ‘A’. I was aghast. I had had so much trouble with this course that I wasn’t sure if I would even pass the course. I, however, feel confident that I did well (or at least well enough) on the final to make the ‘A’.

If I have given any negative impressions about my point-of-view on accounting or accountants, please let me clarify. I’ve grown to have a deeper appreciation for accountants and accounting. Even though the math is simple it is still quite a collection of rules, regulations, principles, and knowledge about the inner workings of checks and balances. I suppose the simple math is beyond me now-a-days as I am more abstract in my thinking than in my youth.

All-in-all, a good day. I just wanted to demarcate this accomplishment, even if it seems small, it has been a stressful subject for me and I am relieved that it is over.

Now tomorrow is another story, for I shall be taking my elementary statistics final. Not a topic to be taken lightly, for sure.  I’ll keep you updated on my results. Keep reading and I’ll catch you on the flip-side. Winking smile


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